Most of our clients report little or no pain. Often they say it's a 3 on a scale of 1 to 10, at most. Some clients have literally slept through the appointment! We leave a topical anesthetic on the eyebrow area throughout the process, so this minimizes the pain in most clients and ensures you are comfortable during the process.

Microblading is typically recommended for clients with scarce brows that want a fuller look and that typically wear very little to no makeup. If you want to replace your makeup routine in a subtle way, or have oily skin, or have plenty brows but want to improve the share, then powder brows is probably a better option. For clients that have very scarce brows or simply want the best of both worlds, then combning techniques is also an option. Hyperrealistic hair strokes + a soft powder effect achieves amazing results.

It is normal to lose approximately 1/3 of the color during the healing process. Typically during the first 2 days they will appear a shade too dark, but then as the scabs start falling off naturally and the pigment deposits itself deeper into the skin, they will start to lose color around 10-15 days after the procedure. Once the subcutaneous cells "push" the pigment back up to the epidermis, then towards the 30th day you will notice that the brows start regaining color, and see the "true tone" of the healed brow. Please be patient! Healing takes up to 30 days. In your next appointment, based on how the pigment was retained in your skin, we will make adjustments to optimize the results. PMU treatments requires two sessions.

Because we only use high quality pigments with stable colors, the brows will only lower in tones over time. They will NOT turn reddish or grey. These type of results typically arise from low quality pigments and poor technique.

Generally Microblading up to eighteen months, depending on skin type (e.g. oily dry), age, post treatment care, and overall health. It is not permanent like a tattoo, because the pigments are not implanted so deeply into the skin. Skincare also affects the duration of the pigments. To maintain the tone of the brows, a new session may be done every year. Microblading is not recommended for oily skin as it may fade away very quickly. It is important to note that if your preference is for long duration results, Powder Brows can last up to 2-3 years but most importantly be aware that there is an inverse correlation between duration and natural look. We are typically inclined towards the most natural look possible unless client prefers otherwise, and this means that a maintenance will be needed more often. Our clients typically visit us once per year for maintenance session.

  • Those using Accutane
  • Anyone with a heart condition or is using heart medications
  • Anyone with diabetes will need a physician’s approval.
  • Anyone with skin diseases or inflammations.
  • Anyone who had Botox in the last two weeks.
  • Anyone who has gotten a deep tan or chemical peel in the last two weeks.
  • Anyone who requires anesthetic and is allergic to lidocaine, tetracaine, or epinephrine.
  • Anyone with serious medical conditions should consult with their doctors and obtain their approval.
  • Anyone pregnant or nursing should get their doctor’s approval.
  • Anyone on blood thinning medications

It is very important to refrain from all alcohol, aspirin, or aspirin products, such as blood thinners. Please refrain from Ibuprofen and Aleve for 24 hours prior to your appointment. The only product for aches and pain that will not make you bleed is Tylenol. Also refrain from Vitamin E and fish oil capsules for 7 days prior to your application. ALL of these make you bleed excessively. Excessive bleeding during the procedure will negatively affect the longevity of your semi-permanent makeup application. In some cases, the application will need to be prematurely stopped. Please avoid energy drinks & coffee for up to 24 hours prior to your appointment. Not having caffeine in your system will help you to relax much more easily, as well as help to relax the facial muscles in the areas we will be working on.

DAY 1: Please wash hands with antibacterial soap before you wash your eyebrows. Then gently clean your eyebrows 2 to 3 times per day unless recommended otherwise by our artist in your specific case. Pat dry gently and apply a thin layer of ointment provided by us

DAY 2-7: Keep eyebrows lightly glossed with the provided ointment for three to four times a day (unless suggested otherwise by our artists) for the next 7 days. Do not over use ointment. It should last you for 7 days, only apply very thin layer. Do not suffocate your eyebrows. After 7 days you may wear makeup and be exposed to sun as long as you wear sunscreen.

1. Do not use any Retin-A, Glycolic Acids, Peroxide, Neosporin while healing 2. Do not scrub or pick your eyebrows. 3. Do not expose area to sun or tanning beds! Must use hat if in the sun. 4. Avoid any facials ,swimming, whirlpools or sauna for 7 days. 5. Do not exercise the first 3-5 days. No heavy sweating ! 6. No make-up on the eyebrows! 7. Do not tint eyebrows for the next 10 days.


  1. Do not use any Retin-A, Glycolic Acids, Peroxide, Neosporin while healing
  2. Do not peel or scratch at the scabbing as your brow area heals.
  3. Do not expose area to swimming/water immersion, saunas/vapor or sun/tanning beds for two weeks. Must use hat if in the sun.
  4. Do not tint eyebrows for the next 10 days.
  5. Do not exercise the first week. No heavy sweating.
  6. Do not use makeup on the brows for up to two weeks.
  7. Do not use face scrubs or chemical peels for two weeks.
  8. Do not consume alcohol/tobacco, aspirin, ibuprofen and vitamins that may cause your blood to thin for twenty-four hours.
  9. Do not use laser, peeling, or botox for the next 30 days.
  10. Gently clean brows using a Q-tip lightly moistened with water.
  11. Gently wipe away Skin Candy (healing balm) and any lymphatic liquid (clear yellowish buildup) that may have occurred on the skin.
  12. Re-apply skin candy (healing balm) after lightly cleaning with a tissue.
  13. Apply a light layer of skin candy (do not over apply) morning and night to brows for five to seven days.
  14. Avoid face area when showering.
  15. When washing your face, make sure to avoid brows.
  16. Avoid alcohol, aspirin, ibuprofen and vitamins that may cause your blood to thin for twenty-four hours.


In our studio we typically are very conservative in regards to tone and thickness in your first session, in order to leave room for the 2nd session to simply make them thicker or darker if necessary (which is typically the case). The tone of the pigment is designed based on your natural hair color, so our focus throughout the process is to always achieve a look that looks natural and enhances your natural beauty.